World Premiere: Seven awards at Wild Rose Festival

After six years in production, "What Is Synchronicity?" arrived with excellent timing at the Wild Rose Independent Film Festival in Des Moines, Iowa Nov. 9, as it gathered five nominations and seven total awards.

Described at the Wild Rose as "A fascinating film in which science meets metaphysics," the documentary received three top awards -- for Best Editing of a Feature Documentary, the audience choice award for a documentary feature, plus a category the festival added -- Best Metaphysical Film. It received four "distinctive achievement awards" for documentary feature, director of a documentary feature, visual effects (feature film) and art direction/production design (feature film). I am thrilled for these results and grateful to the many people who helped make it possible. See the film's facebook page for more details.

The film is submitted to several other festivals, and I will not know the status of those for weeks or months. Distribution of the film through streaming or DVD sales will come later because of some festival requirements. This is a perfect time to consider a donation to help with festival and marketing costs. Click on the gifts page to see what you can receive for your donation. You can also help by liking the facebook page or signing up on the mailing list to stay up to date with developments. Thank you for your support!

--David Strabala, Director