Synchronicity: The GPS of the universe?

Guiding humans since the caveman?

Meaningful coincidence. The experience is as old as a caveman finding food at the right place at the right time. Our words for it today? We have many, but a grunt, a shrug or a smile may do just the same. 

Psychiatrist C.G. Jung created an often-misunderstood word for meaningful coincidence, synchronicity. Serendipity isn’t quite the same, but it’s in the cave park. What about some other options -- such as grace or destiny, or maybe a sign or a happy accident? Wooh-hoo.

Whatever we want to call it, it is the mystery of these moments that draws us. They inspire us to draw stories and images on our modern cave walls, as many authors and artists in this movie have done.

Synchronicities go beyond physical food. Our imaginations are fed as we discover some meaning from the experience. We may respond in some new, open or creative way. Suddenly, it’s mutual. Does it feed us or do we feed it?

This brings us to a defining point -- it is the coincidence between something meaningful outside and inside us that can create synchronicity. That points to some sort of unity between what’s above and below, between psyche and matter.

Ancient teachers and quantum physicists have pointed to this unity, but do we experience it? Synchronicities can provide a way. 

Jung said they are more frequent during transitional times. This could make the topic more meaningful in today’s changing times, as the trailer above suggests. Living in uncertain times could be like exploring a cave without even a flame, let alone a GPS. 

What can we trust in the dark? Could synchronicity be the GPS of the universe? Can we value a relationship with it? Will it guide or beguile us? Support or disappoint us? Can we expect the unexpected?

Yes, no or maybe, the uncertainties invite a detective‘s approach. This site has clues, especially on the cast page. The movie will have many more. You can send me your e-mail address for updates to this cave wall. 

David Strabala, Director