What Is Synchronicity? An award-winning feature documentary


"You really need to see this film more than once to fully appreciate all it has to offer." 
--Audience member at Om Film Fest.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Quite a challenge, but what if you could contact a hidden and helpful path to meaningful change? Psychiatrist C.G. Jung named such an experience synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence. It's been described in other ways, such as serendipity, deja vu or intuition. The 90-minute documentary, “What Is Synchronicity?”, explores how you might trust change that is meaningful to you and the world.

Synchronicity always has been part of human experience, but its potential is bottled up in a scientific model that depends on rational, objective, material perceptions. Any talk of subjective, intuitional experience mostly hides in the shadows. Ironically, recent discoveries are leading science toward the dark and the subjective: scientists know very little about the estimated 96 percent of the universe they say is dark matter or dark energy; and quantum mechanics reveals that an observer is needed to bring reality into form. Perhaps an ancient story of a wise fool can help us navigate the dark:

People tell of a time when Nasreddin entered a public place and exclaimed, “The moon is greater than the sun. The moon is greater than the sun! 
The people laughed at him. “How could that be?” they asked. “The sun is so much bigger and brighter.” 
Nasreddin replied, “But the night is when you really need the light.”

Synchronicity acts like the moon does at night, inspiring meaningful gazes that objective science and the harsh sun don’t invite. What else could synchronicity teach us? Jung said it displays a unity between spirit and matter. The film offers ideas and stories from scientists, authors, artists and others that could help you discover your destiny and how to save the world by saving yourself.

Director David Strabala is a clinical social worker and storyteller who followed a coincidental path in making the film. Many people inspired him, starting with a troubled teen and many mentors who appeared at the right place and time.

The film premiered in November, 2014 at The Wild Rose Film Festival in Des Moines, and it won seven awards, including best metaphysical film, as well as the best editing and audience awards for a feature documentary. In June, 2015 it won a "Judge's Choice Award" at the Doc Sunback Film Festival in Mulvane, KS. On Sept. 5 it was shown to an audience of about 200 at the first Om Film Fest in Kansas City. Most recently, it was shown Sept 13, 2015 at The Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles.